Four-part youth documentary series about nine young girls from Rotterdam, whom form their own street art collective and realize their dreams.

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Showroom Mama
Margriet Brouwer

Creative producer:
Marèl Jap-Sam

Regie, camera & montage:
René van Zundert

Animaties, titels & vormgeving:
Janneke Meekes

Frans Verburg

Sandor van Veen

Any Colour You Like





A small preview, Enjoy!

This is the first time the young collective will be using spray cans to make street art. To do so they have travelled to the small village of Doel (BE).

For their first assignment the young girls have made a graffiti wall in the big exhibition of Jean Paul Gaultier in the Kunsthal. Robin has been chosen by the group to ask the fashion icon one question. Let te preparing begin!

Yaël is 15 years old and one of the girls in the collective. Her dreams and wishes know no bounds!

About Marèl Jap-Sam

Filmmaker & Project manager