“Hesitate” one shot live video for Neighbours Burning Neighbours

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Neighbours Burning Neighbours – Hesitate (Front Live Session)

Hesitate is the second outing of Rotterdam based band Neighbours Burning Neighbours.

The new release comes just in time for their first European tour, sponsored by Popunie Rotterdam. Their journey starts on the 9th of May in Maastricht and sees them passing through parts of Germany, Austria, Poland and ends in their hometown Rotterdam, where they’ll play as opening act for Housewives (UK). They’ll join Poland based band Hanako for at least three shows during the tour.

Their new live video was created together with Dutch music magazine Front, director Marèl Jap-Sam and cinematographer Esther Kool. It was recorded and filmed on the Dutch shores, while a grimly cold sea fog was clouding the coast with dust and sand. The one-shot video took two days to shoot and everything was shot on a 70-50mm lens. All of the camera moves were precisely choreographed to follow the different band members upclose, switching parts just as quickly as the band does, without hesitation.

The subject of the song Hesitate revolves around challenging yourself to set off into the unknown, without hesitation. The sea formed a welcome metaphor, inviting to explore but frightening to dive into. This big billowing body of water, surging towards you and pulling away just as quickly, a playful pool turning into a swirling deathtrap.

Just like the unrelenting force of the ocean, Hesitate throws you around, pulls you in and pushes you away. No sense in fighting against the waves, give in to the sounds that thrust toward you. Diving into the deep might feel scary, but know that you won’t be alone. We are taking this leap together and wherever we may end up, we’ll be there together.

09.05 ’t Keldertje, Landbouwbelang, Maastricht Event Link
10.05 Slow Club, Freiburg Event Link
11.05 Glockenbachwerkstatt, München Event Link
12.05 AU, Vienna Event Link
14.05 TBA
15.05 D.K.Luksus, Wroclaw w/Hanako Event Link
16.05 Pod Minoga, Poznan w/Hanako Event Link
17.05 Chmury, Warsaw w/Hanako Event Link
18.05 Schokoladen, Berlin Event Link
19.05 TBA
24.05 Worm, Rotterdam w/Housewives Event Link



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